MarMar is Martha Andrew. And she loves to move metal.

Inspired by naturally occurring structures, her work is reminiscent of crystalline formations and honeycomb networks. It examines the parallels between industrially manufactured “perfection” and the possibility of variations in natural repetition.

Using the ancient technique of chasing and repousse, she manipulates sheets of metal into high relief objects of curious beauty.

Martha resides in Rhode Island with her husband and two young boys. She owns a seasonal handmade jewelry boutique called “MarMar”  on Block Island, RI.

Inquiries at marmarjewelsbi@gmail.com

Chased Bangle Bracelet
Created by using the ancient chasing and repoussé technique

Available in:
Sterling Silver $325
Gold Plated Bronze $225
Bronze $175


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Dome Cuff Bracelet
Patinaed and hammered Bronze with three sterling silver Domes



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Concave crystal ring
Cast from a hand fabricated and chased design

Available in:
Sterling Silver $92
Bronze $72


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MarMar Jewels

MarMar Jewels is located on Dodge Street on Beautiful Block Island, RI. Open every day Memorial Day through Labor Day.


MarMar plays hostess to over 50 rotating independent jewelers and artists from all over the country.  From unconventional materials such as fibers and concrete, to fine works forged from sterling silver and gold,  there is something to be found befitting everyone’s taste and budget. 

Weekly trunk shows introduce the artists, allow for special sales and custom commission inquiries.

It may be the smallest store in the smallest town in the smallest state,  but as most people know, the best things come in small lime green packages.

MarMar Jewels’ Permanent Artists

Vanessa Gade
San Francisco, CA

Rebecca Haas
Chester, VT

Andrew Haviland
Providence, RI

Anne Holman
Columbus, OH

Dahlia Kanner
Kingston, RI

Julie Konvicka
Austin, TX

Daphne Olive
Washington, DC

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